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The Fix My Insurance Agency Podcast

Jan 20, 2020

Watch this interview on YouTube: 

Agency Nation Facebook Group moderator Olivia Schmitt interviews Dr. Billy Williams, president of Inspire a Nation Business Mentoring and the senior instructor of the renowned “Fix My Insurance Agency” Best Practices Process Implementation Workshop.

Key Points during the interview

  • 3:17 – What an Insurance policy really provides is 3 buckets of money to an insurance client
  • 9:00 - Why he uses 5th graders and senior citizens to help understand how to communicate with insurance agents
  • 11:00 - What an insurance agent can do to control emotional decisions
  • 19:00 - How to structure a good meeting and training session
  • 27:32 - The 3 elements that establish the culture of an insurance agency
  • 35:00 - What an agency leader should do right after watching or listening to this interview
  • 55:00 - How Google testimonials can keep a customer on the books 3 times longer

And much, much more!