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The Fix My Insurance Agency Podcast

Jul 18, 2018

On this podcast, I will share with you some of the best practices I have seen work in our partner and member agencies.

Growing and operating a successful insurance agency requires that you have an assembly line approach to running the agency. The assembly line consists of:

Carrier(s) – Product(s) – Niche – Triggers – Prospect List(s) or Groups – Outbound and Inbound Marketing and Prospecting – Automation and technology – Automated Follow-Up Methods – Lead Tracking Processes - A Strong New Customer Process – Service Processes and Conversations – A Consistent Retention Process.

 Insurance agents are always trying to figure out how to get more clients for their insurance business. In order to be a successful insurance agent, you must have a niche or target demographic and you must have a network of professional referral partnerships!

Trying to be a jack-of-all-trades will lead to a lot of work with minimum results. In addition, you must consistently market your agency and prospect for new customers. 

Always try to automate as much of the marketing and prospecting as possible, so that it can be consistent.

Our mentoring program will teach you every aspect of running a successful agency. Follow our program, it is tried, true, and proven, don't make this difficult by trying to take shortcuts.

Your mindset has to be to not only grow your business organically but to grow through acquisitions and possibly mergers. Having consistent, reproducible processes that you hold your team accountable for working, is what it will make it easy for you to acquire and merge other agencies into your existing operation.


"Wealthy people make complicated things simple, poor people make simple things unnecessarily complicated!" - Dr. Billy R. Williams


If you take the time to properly implement the material presented in this podcast, you will be amazed at how your insurance agency will increase premium, increase retention, increase policies, and double or triple the amount of referral networks you currently have in place, which in turn, will double or triple the number of quotes and sales your agency generates.


This podcast is produced and shared by Billy R.Williams, Pd.D president of Inspire a Nation Business Mentoring.